About us

RC LEATHER SDN BHD (704788-v) is a renowned organization in the sector of handbags and shoes in Malaysia. RC Leather has been established for more than a decade. We are continuously expanding and diversifying our business and to date, we have products that is available for both men and women. Currently, our company carries several brand names, namely RUCINI, POLOHILL, POLOHILL: MEN, CAVARICCI and VISPOLO.

Moving Forward

With the expansion of our product lines, we still hold strongly to our values which is to ensure fashion is accessible for everyone. In our effort to do so, our products are crafted in a way that is attainable by everyone at the same time, bringing out sparks to the holder of our products. Our products come in various designs and styles. Each product is manufactured with high quality material and fine craftsmanship. We ensure that our products go through stringent quality control and only superior finishes is accepted.